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About Corona virus, I
I fear me or my loved ones catching COVID-19 ___.
I think COVID-19 is not as big a deal as it is made to look
Last two weeks, my relationships
The thoughts of this pandemic
I have ____ about the pandemic being controlled
These days, I am _____ losing my patience
Last two weeks, my eating and sleep habits, have ______ .
Since last two weeks, drinking alcohol or smoking or taking drugs
I _____ have bouts of sweating, trembling, faster heartbeats or fear last two weeks.
Overall, my mood has been _______.
I find _____ motivation to do my usual tasks.
Since last few weeks, I feel ______.
I have started thinking "why am I in this situation"…
I am in _____ control of my routine and all my tasks just like before.
While in the lockdown my ability to be creative
I think the world will change and everything is going to be _____ ____ it was.
People around me _____ ____ supportive/ cooperative during this crisis.
Last two weeks, I am ____ helping others in whichever way I can.
I have been ______ the COVID-19 crisis.
In the last two weeks I have ____ experienced negative emotions like anxiety, irritability
In the last two weeks I have started believing more in horoscopes/ tarot/ predictions
In the last two weeks I have
Last two weeks, I am..
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